Man Power
At Bhagwati Construction,the source of uncompromising quality & timely completion lies in the strength of our employees and their unceasing commitment & dedication. With power comes responsibility and with responsibility comes accountability; that is what every person in our organization to breathe, live and act. Nothing defeats honesty and trust and we at Bhagwati Construction truly believes that nobody can remain successful consistently without these fundamental characters.
We, at any time are ready to go out of our way to fulfill our commitments; so that we win over the most arduous tasks of challenges with our head held high. Our comparative advantage lies in the rock solid backing of our staff & the speed at which we mobilize quality manpower comprising of highly skilled and experienced personnel sharing a common mission to deliver the best within the committed time frame. Integration of values and commitment to all aspects of business allows us to achieve exceptional client satisfaction. This commitment to high standards of quality control coupled with ongoing human resource development will provide Bhagwati Construction’s committed assurance to client.
List Of dedicated Staff members are:
Name / DescriptionWork Experience
Narender Singh Yadav (Managing Director) 15 years
Ajeet Singh Yadav (Managing Director) 17
Annoo Singh (Project Manager & All Project Head) 24
Ashok Menna (Civil Engineer) 8
Vijay Yadav (Civil Engineer) 5
Ravirajhan (Civil Engineer) 5
Ramdeen (Civil Engineer) 4
Ankur Sharma (Civil Engineer) 3
Om (Civil Engineer) 4
Digvijay singh (Civil Engineer) 5
Vijay kumar (Acount head) 5
Manoj Kumar (Acount) 8
Jeetram (Purchage head) 4
Pradeep kumar (Purchage) 5
Project Managers (2) 10 - 20
Project Engineers (3) 8 - 10
Site Engineers (8) 6 - 8
Formen (8) 3 - 9
Mechanical Engineers (2) 10
Supervisor (11) 2
Mason (90)
Carpenter (90)
Bar bender (60)
Finishing workers (50)
Unskilled Labour (300)